Vision and Mission – Discovery, Lifetime Learning, Respect and Community are at the Center of the spot Museum for Children in Prescott » the spot… a Child’s Museum


The spot…a Child’s Museum envisions children as lifelong learners who are inquisitive and knowledgeable about the world and are inspired to become stewards of a peaceful and sustainable planet.

the spot….A Child’s Museum is a place that a kid may refer to as “my place of discovery”

A child will learn to understand himself and use his abilities to gain knowledge.
A child will discover her unique environment and her natural surroundings.
A child will recognize diversity and learn how he fits into a global world.
Helping a child supports the future of our planet.

The spot…a Child’s Museum provides interactive play experiences to stimulate curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving for children of all ages.

The spot…a Child’s Museum fosters this mission by:

creating discovery through fun exploration
encouraging healthy family relationships
promoting community partnerships
demonstrating respect for diversity