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In coordination with the learning goals that provide the foundation for all of the experiences and environments associated with the spot…a Child’s Museum, several content areas offer the inspiration and structure to serve as the avenue to learning, These content areas were developed through discussion of the needs of children and of the community.

Primarily, the spot…a Child’s Museum tackles the topics of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and the Fine Arts (visual and performing) while embedding the history and culture of the area. These content areas are presented throughout the museum and overlap each other in the building’s major environments.

Just as much emphasis is given to developing the connections between these subjects as to the details of each area. These three major content points (STEM, Arts, History) were inspired by the rich diversity of the Prescott and Northern Arizona area. The Prescott community is a center of scientific work in a number of fields, including aeronautics, physical science, environmental science, and educational services. The area also has a long and varied history that remains alive today in examples such as Whiskey Row, The Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe, The Sharlot Hall Museum, and The Phippen Museum. Additionally, the Prescott area has a vibrant world-class community of artists who work with a variety of media.

The visitor is an essential ingredient of the spot. The visitor provides the impetus for the content, the purpose for the exhibits, and the ultimate measure of success in every aspect of this museum. The visitor is the final decision-maker of the happenings in the spot experiences.

The Twelve Principles of Exhibit Experience Development:

Fair Play