Your Guide To A Quality Heavy Duty Meat Grinder



Our current status dictates that we must chew some meat before the end of every week. Some do this as often as every day. How it is consumed also matters a great deal. On this same note, we are in dire need of a meat grinder. Come to think of it, our burgers and sandwiches rely heavily on the ground meat. Our focus is primarily on the meat grinder and how efficiently it functions. Being the ones to enjoy the product of an efficient meat grinder, we have to be alert at all times. An efficient meat grinder has some factors that we need to seriously consider. For example, we wouldn’t settle for it if it wasn’t entirely perfect for our meat. When using it for the first time, you’ll need the guidance of some sort. What better way to do this than reading an informative piece that will take you through all the way? Most of us think that we have it all figured out. There are certain factors that we are still not too sure of just yet.

Finding the best available meat grinder

22nbkngknThey are all over, but we are just too busy to open up our eyes and see. Here are some of the most appropriate features to look for in a grinder;

  • A good meat grinder must be easy to clean. All kitchen appliances are very sensitive and must be handled with care. One way to do this is by cleaning. Hygiene in every kitchen utensil is paramount. A meat grinder is not an exception as one needs to reach into all the surfaces during cleaning.
  • It must be efficient in all its duties. An effective meat grinder is the one that can produce positive results. You can tell this by the result of the meat that you have put in.
  • Intense power. For meat to be properly ground, what is needed is needed is adequate power. This is a feature that requires you to read and consult widely. You can’t go wrong with this.

How to tell whether a meat grinder is reliable

A quality heavy duty meat grinder is supposed to have all the qualities listed above. The challenge is how to know that it has all the above qualities. Here’s how;

Give it a test drive

For instance, you can try cleaning it after use. If it gives you a headache when trying to clean it to perfection, there is a problem. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll last long with it.

Check the material used in its manufacture

33dnb,nflIf it’s made of steel, you are assured of durability. This is enough to tell you of its wonderful and durable qualities.

Check its warranty

It must have a long life warranty. This way, you are assured of its efficiency as well as reliability.

Importance of a meat grinder

This is an essential part of commercial activities. Any quality and prestigious food joint must invest in one. Failure to which, the business crumbles with a loud thud. It is quite an investment and should be given utmost priority.

Prescott, Arizona Area Children’s Museum – Attraction in Prescott » the spot… a Child’s Museum

Visit the Museum

Visit this Prescott museumthe spot is open Fridays and Saturdays 1-5pm. Museum admission is $3 per person, ages 2 – 99. Right now, you and your child can explore our newest exhibit, Quantum Quizzics: Hands-On Science for Inquisitive Kids! And check out our Calendar of Events for additional Groups Only days, special Open days, classes and events!


Support the spot

Working together like a machine to support the Prescott museum for childrenthe spot…a Child’s Museum depends on contributions and support from volunteers, corporations, foundations, individuals, and generous donors in northern Arizona and the world! Like gears in a machine, you can join the community in supporting this Museum so each visitor may be inspired to use their minds to enjoy our extraordinary exhibits and engaging experiences.

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Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots At the spot…a Child’s Museum children take center stage. It will be a haven for young children and their families to inquire, discover, imagine and create. It is a place where kids are allowed to construct their world through open-ended experiences as they explore, practice skills, and learn. See our Vision & Mission, our Core Beliefs, Theories, History and Board Information as well as Frequently Asked Questions.

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Welcome to the spot…a Child’s Museum – an emerging premier destination site for children and families. Located inside Prescott Gateway Mall, the museum is open every Friday and Saturday 1 – 5 pm. Just $3 per person, children and adults enjoy self-guided experiences in upcycled art, sculpture and our newest exhibit – Quantum Quizzics: Hands-on Science for Inquisitive Kids!

the spot…a Child’s Museum provides unique and meaningful programs and exhibits for all children that educate them in the concepts of their world and build a lifelong interest in learning. We offer a dynamic, constantly-evolving museum format that incorporates all of the day-to-day facets of life specifically related to science, technology, engineering, math, (STEM) and the fine arts with a strong focus on the history and culture of the local area.

the spot…a Child’s Museum’s structure focuses on the future and our programs offer an innovative and ecologically minded environment that promotes the “green” initiative. It is our goal to use non-toxic, recycled, and sustainable materials, renewable resources, socially responsible practices, and earth-friendly behaviors in our buildings, our exhibits, our activities and programs.


The Children’s Museum Alliance, Inc. addresses children and their futures as change agents, inventors, problems solvers, idea sharers, self-initiators, future creatives and thought leaders by establishing a quality, educational museum that provides interaction with people, the environment and the future.

Find out how to support the spot…a Child’s Museum with your generous donation or volunteer service. Please contact us for more information on how you, too, can foster interactive learning and discovery for all!





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Upcoming events, exhibits and current news

Open Labor Day Weekend

It might be Labor Day, but your BRAIN never goes on strike! Come to the spot over Labor Day Weekend 2011. We’re open Friday, Saturday and Monday, September 2, 3 & 5 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm with dozens of hands-on science, engineering, art and technology experiences for school-aged kids, preschoolers and adults, too!

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We Need Recyclable Materials!


Prescott AZ museum needs recyclable materialsWe encourage children to be conscious of the environment and think differently about how they can re-use, re-purpose and recycle the items they use on a regular basis. Help us by replenishing our supply of recycled items that children may then upcycle into artistic creations throughout the Museum. The spot…a Child’s Museum needs a variety of clean and child-appropriate items kids can turn into robots, buildings, simple machines, art and more. Read on to find out what kinds of materials kids like best, and when you can drop them off.

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Daily Courier Feature: Ryan Brown

Prescott news coverage of this Prescott children’s museumRecently, the Daily Courier, Prescott’s Tri-City newspaper, featured Children’s Museum Alliance board member Ryan Brown, DDS, owner of My Kids’ Dentist, and “just a child at heart” in March 2011. Read the full article on

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